1. NWDBayArea

    Hood Release Cable Sleeve

    I am looking for a source that sells the cable sleeve for the hood release bowden cable. What I have been able to deduce is that it is very similar to a "liquid tight flexible metal conduit." However, I can not find any vendors that sell it with the correct I.D. and O.D. Anyone seen a similar...
  2. S

    Hood, Doors for an E9

    Hood and doors in very good condition. Located in Santa Barbara CA. $800 for the hood $600 for the doors. cheers Raphael
  3. aearch

    what are the hood gap dimensions

    i how do you go about doing the adjustment so i doesn't move when you tighten it ?
  4. E

    CSI/CSL Bonnet, boot, wings, doors + extras

    Hi, I recently cleared out my late father’s garage and came across some parts which I think are for a BMW 3.0 CSI. He used to own one back in the 80’s/90’s and we thought he had sold the parts with the car. A neighbour can remember my father saying he had some body panels for a CSL which he was...
  5. clinton stokes

    FS - Bonnet / Torsion Bar

    Making more room in the Garage. Clean Hood, w/ a couple small dents. Hood - $300 Torsion Bar- $200
  6. E9Wayne

    Hood alignment tips?

    Hi folks, I'm starting to get my E9 ready for Monterey and have a good punch list of little things to take care of. One in particular has me confused. My hood alignment from driver to passenger side is a more than a few mms off to the extent that the seam between the hood and fender is bigger...
  7. kurtd

    CS Hood and 7x15" BBS Wheels

    Time to clean out some items in the garage CS Steel hood $300 Currently Fjord Blue, appears to be originally Nachtblau. The hood is straight and rust free and the paint is decent but has some swirls and chips along the edge. Great for a driver but would need a respray for a show car...
  8. Ricks3.0

    WTB hood hinge brackets

    I am in need of two (2) hood brackets (41615480146). It is the bracket that connects the hood spring support to the rest of the vehicle. Post here or e-mail [email protected] Thanks, Rick