1. R

    FS: Victor Hubs for E9 (T42K) and 02 (T41K)

    ~~~SOLD~~~ Hi there, I'm offering a pair of Victor hubs. One is for the E9 and the other one for 02s but I think they can both be matched vice versa. They both have a crack, the one for the 02 some more, please see the photos. Both come with the screws and the corresponding horn contacts...
  2. R

    FS: Solid MOMO hub 153

    I sell my solid Momo 153 hub. It works with any Momo wheel in an e9 and with slight modifications also in an 02, see here: It comes complete with the contact ring and the screws and is in very...
  3. rschick

    WTB: Steering Wheel Hub for NARDI 360mm Steering Wheel and Shift Knob needed

    I have a 1972 E9 Csi and am in need of the hub for the Nardi 360mm Steering Wheel. I purchased the steering wheel and all I need is the hub. Does anyone have an extra they would like to sell me that is in good condition. Looking for original as possible. I'm also looking for a shift knob as...
  4. B

    Nardi steering wheel hub

    This Nardi measures approximately 14.5 inches (aporoximately 370mm) outer diameter. To make it work on my 74cs, what will I need. I want to make sure the signal lights turn off. I believe it is set up for MBZ. I've always only used OEM steering on cars. Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. FGS

    Oil pump: the hub mistery

    Well, the original oil pump of my 3.0 CSi has definitely gone, so I bought a replacement oil pump part # 11411269550 which is said to be the correct one (and the only one on the catalog) and, indeed, the pump is basically the same of the old one but the new one has a splined shaft (where...