1. FjordTempo

    E3 key question

    After losing my only set of keys for my 1976 3.0Si, I've been reading every post related to replacing keys. First off, yes I'm kicking myself for not making a duplicate set before losing the only set! One key opened all doors, glove box, and the ignition, so I plan to remove a lock, read the...
  2. M

    No spark

    Hey e9'ers, I got no spark. Been looking all over for specs for the coil, plug wires etc and can't seem to find the them. I do have the blue books so maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I took the following measurements: COIL - resistance between terms 1 & 15: 2.1 ohms. between 15 & 4...
  3. S

    Ignition Switch Wires?

    So, I've had the opportunity to putz around with the wires while the ignition switch is out. Before now I had believed that the Green wire was the Starter Wire, while Red was Power, Black ground, and Violet Accessory. However, by mere accident I discovered that Black appears to be the starter...
  4. decampos

    Changing contact breaker points (stock ignition 3.0 csi)

    I've not actually done this before but am hoping it's fairly straightforward. I've also managed to dig out my dad's old dwell meter. Any tips? Anything I need to watch out for? Many thanks Ben