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  1. FjordTempo

    E3 key question

    After losing my only set of keys for my 1976 3.0Si, I've been reading every post related to replacing keys. First off, yes I'm kicking myself for not making a duplicate set before losing the only set! One key opened all doors, glove box, and the ignition, so I plan to remove a lock, read the...
  2. G

    How do I move my post?

    Hey guys Looks like I may have posted my previous post in the wrong forum! Can it be moved from Projects and Restorations to General Discussion? Trying to gain access to locked boot/trunk (2800cs) without a key. Would drilling through the lock barrel be advised or does anyone know of...
  3. G

    Thank God for rust holes!

    Who is this newbie you are wondering...He must be crazy!... Please allow me to explain before you write me off. I purchased the rhd 2800csa from my girlfriends dad, more than 30 years ago. He was a classic car enthusiast, and had just driven it back to London from Scotland. On giving the car a...