1. m73

    MoMo prototipo w/hub

    There is a black prototipo & e9 solid hub for sale in UK on the 2002 forum -- Asking $600 NMNA but looks decent if the price is market value Best to search & seek yourself to connect with owner -- happy searching. -Mo
  2. m73

    Prototipo Decals (black or white)

    I have made original type decals to help restore MOMO wheels -- available in either black or white $10/ea including shipping (please specify color in note) PayPal: Instructions attached + a few sample pictures. PM me if you have questions -- I will confirm all payments &...
  3. Markos

    WTB: Alpina Horn Button

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a Momo horn button with the Alpina horn button. I can get one on EBay, but figured I would check here first. Thanks!