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oil pump

  1. Wladek

    Couple technical questions about M30 hardware

    Hey Guys, didn't wanted to make separate threads for every single question about M30, that is in my head, so decided to make one general discussion. I hope you don't mind. Any input is welcome;) So, question for today is: Which oil pump is technically better, more efficient, reliable for M30...
  2. D

    Oil pump woes

    Hi all, I have taken the engine in my E9 CSL apart because the cylinder head developed a crack last year. It took me a very long time to find the right type of cylinder head (with the oblongish water channels) so if you have one or more of these earlier heads (pre 1978 ca) lying around, be sure...
  3. J

    Miscellaneous Parts for Sale

    These are duplicate or extra parts after my CSL restoration. NEW in boxes or bags: down tubes: 18 11 1 246 262 mobile tradition: $116.25us, $50.00 plus shipping for both 18 11 1 246 255 the paint on these is scratched. Not concours quality Oil pump for M30 11 41 1 269 550 mobile...