part out

  1. C

    Parting out a 74 Bavaria in Md

    I just found and purchased a 74 Bavaria that has been sitting in a garage for about 15 years It is a 4 speed, malaga color with light tan interior (seats have way more bolster than my 73 or 71) they need to be redone, body is rusty. 3.0 ran when parked, momo steering wheel, Cromodora 14"...
  2. georgebriggs

    2800 CS Part Out

    Hey everyone, As you may have seen I purchased a donor 2800 CS for my 3.0 that came with way more parts than I needed. Between my 3.0 CS and the donor I have a bunch of parts for sale. I will be posting photos soon enough but if you're interested right away, I can email you photos on specific...
  3. Markos

    Deconstruction Thread: How to part-out an E9

    As much as I hate to part out an E9, I decided to harness the opportunity. I picked up a '73 CSI from WA this weekend. Original Listing: The run down: The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 2263445 was manufactured on October 05th, 1972 and delivered...