petri 380

  1. Wladek

    Nice Petri 380mm ready to run in any E9 - SOLD

    Hello, for sale is nice Petri 38 steering wheel.. Steering wheel have genuine plating (not re-chromed), overall condition of wheel is nice, front is very nice, one surface scratch, on rear there are some rust pitting on two spokes (rust pitting was cleaned & treated with rust converter), spokes...
  2. Wladek

    "NEW" Leather Petri 380mm CSL CS CSI - SOLD

    Hello, for sale is actually new leather Petri 38 steering wheel, hub is 3-ring, but length is as in CSL. Steering wheel was satin re-chromed, then nappa leather wrapped, condition of wheel is new, perfect (never used after renovation) - spokes 100% straight, grip is stiff, hub is genuine petri...
  3. Sven

    Restoring / wrapping Petri steering wheels

    I have a 380mm and 400mm Petri wheel that both needed to be restored. The metal spokes were blistering, the foam was pitted, and one was a little bent. I initially wanted to have the spokes re-nickel plated leaving the foam in place. My local shop would not do it that way. They said that the...