petri 400mm

  1. patipatina

    FS: PETRI 400 steering wheel

    Help selling a 400mm Petri steering wheel, no hub, no horn, just the wheel. First one is in excellent condition, second one I'd say is in a fair state, the rubber is a bit soft, missing a little piece on the left spoke. No idea about the value, open to reasonable offers. A college friend will...
  2. Wladek

    SOLD! Very nice BMW Petri 400mm 40cm for any E9 CSL CSI CS complete & ready to run

    Hello, for sale is complete Petri 40cm steering wheel, hub length is as in CSL. Steering wheel is genuine e9 400mm Petri, wheel in my opinion is in very nice original condition, just couple little dots & one slight chrome flow on the rear part near hub (marked on one of the photo's), spokes are...
  3. Wladek

    Petri 40cm ready to run in E9 - NLA

  4. Sven

    Restoring / wrapping Petri steering wheels

    I have a 380mm and 400mm Petri wheel that both needed to be restored. The metal spokes were blistering, the foam was pitted, and one was a little bent. I initially wanted to have the spokes re-nickel plated leaving the foam in place. My local shop would not do it that way. They said that the...