race car

  1. 73jagercsl

    Jager CSL

    Greetings from a newbie here. We picked up the Jager CSL race car this year and look forward to running at some cool tracks over the years. I look forward to reading the boards and learning. -Brad
  2. martincoffeydesigns

    BMW E9 fan my illustration of an e9

    Hi folks. My name is Martin and I'm a huge fan of the e9. It's understated elegance makes it one of the most beautiful coupes of all time. Attached is an illustration I've done of a 3.0 CSL race car owned by Blakeney Motor Sports. I saw it at the 2016 Donington Historic Festival, and thought it...
  3. BuzzBomb

    Martini Racing Group 2 Resurrection

    Anyone remember this car? It disappeared one day, was modified into a group 5 car, then turned into a street car.