1. E

    Manual Sunroof Cables - Vintage Volvo - Fits E9 and Vintage 2002

    Description: I have several sets of all metal sunroof cables from old Volvos. These cables are a little longer than the typical BMW models, but they work just fine. They are also set the sunroof panel a little higher than the BMW, but they can be modified to fit the BMW perfectly. I have sold...
  2. jefflit

    WTB: sunroof rail positioning stick

    Before I go through the trouble of making one, does anyone have one of these little buggers laying about? It lives in the back of the roof and goes into the slot in the sunroof rail that is not already filled by the cable. Used to locate the rail in the rear.
  3. E


    I am offering sunroof cables from vintage Volvos which also happen to fit the BMW 2002 models and the E9. The cables are "all metal" and do not break like the BMW ones. I modify the cables to accomodate the "lower profile" of the BMW sunroofs. The cables are slightly longer than the BMW ones...
  4. mane

    Wanted: Roof (Europe)

    My 3.0 CS sunroof has been fixed too many times and it's major work to make it proper again, if even possible. No part shop seem to have a roof and nobody in Europe seems to be selling ... So somebody, sell me a roof. With or without sunroof. :)
  5. Markos

    Sold: Roof w/ Pics - Negotiable

    Hi Folks, I need to make this roof disappear sooner than later. It is in very good shape, and I am very flexible on the price. I will likely sell the sunroof bits for the price of the whole roof. If there are no takers, It will be dismantled, stripped of the pillars. , and crushed. The roof...
  6. Markos

    Sold: NOS Sunroof Cables - $150 shipped

    Hi Folks, I have a set of NOS e9 sunroof cables. They were bundled with some parts that I needed. There was a thread not too long ago that surfaced that these are NLA. Volvo cables work with some modification, but one Volvo side is also unavailable. The volvo cables are $150 plus tax and...
  7. Wes

    WTB Sunroof mechanism bits

    I'm on the hunt for parts 10,14 &15 along with ideally some advice on how part 10 is installed. For those that haven't been following my restoration thread I've discovered after a deal of work a PO appears to have lost or failed to reinstall these parts and that's why my roof won't work. Wes...
  8. clinton stokes

    FS - Roof w/ Sun Roof

    Not sure what the value of this is.... I purchased practically an entire car, completely cut up this past weekend. It broke my heart to see how little rust was in this car before the PO cut it up. :( What a beautiful color. Still scratching my head....Fortunately for me I needed most of it...