1. NWDBayArea

    Rocker Panel Trim (Buying)

    Hello, I am looking for a decent set of rocker panel trims (L+R). Part Number is: 51131810559 + 51131810560 Open to negotiate a fair price. Thanks!
  2. thelatestcraze

    Front Seat Decorative Chrome Strip

    Hi there. This is a bit of a long shot, but I was just wondering if anyone is selling or knows where I could buy the decorative chrome strip for the front seats of an E9 (Part No: 52101811716). I sent my seats to a re-trimmer but he took my money and failed to do any work on them. After one and...
  3. thelatestcraze

    Windscreen chrome trim installation

    Hi there We've just refitted the front and rear windscreens to my E9 and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best way of installing the chrome trim over the rubber gasket? The windscreen and rubber went in fine but we are having problems getting the chrome trim back in. Do we need a...
  4. Ricks3.0

    Clips for top door trim?

    I am looking for the clips that secure the piece of trim that goes on the top of the door. Technically the trim that goes between the door and the window. See photo. Is there a source that these are still available from? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  5. mario1017

    parts wanted, any help/ leads appreciated

    Hello everyone, I want to first off say that I am impressed with the knowledge and passion that is evident in these forums!! Everyone on here is very cool. I was going to sell this e9 that I got earlier this summer, but lack of interest in the car and what I needed to get out of it was too...