1. Blinkling

    DIY - $20 Trunk Seals + Graphic Analysis!

    Hi team. Here's a DIY thread in two parts -- something for everyone! Today we'll save $330 by finding a sweet non-original trunk seal for our cars and put that money toward some nice carpet or something! Part 1: Replacing your long gone, damaged, or deteriorated trunk seal by finding an...
  2. E

    CSI/CSL Bonnet, boot, wings, doors + extras

    Hi, I recently cleared out my late father’s garage and came across some parts which I think are for a BMW 3.0 CSI. He used to own one back in the 80’s/90’s and we thought he had sold the parts with the car. A neighbour can remember my father saying he had some body panels for a CSL which he was...
  3. FjordTempo

    E3 key question

    After losing my only set of keys for my 1976 3.0Si, I've been reading every post related to replacing keys. First off, yes I'm kicking myself for not making a duplicate set before losing the only set! One key opened all doors, glove box, and the ignition, so I plan to remove a lock, read the...
  4. bcoli

    Toolkit hinge repair

    Hi again, I've searched the forum for toolkit repair but do not see anything about repairing the hinge. My toolkit is in relatively good condition except that the hinges are both completely broken. Any ideas?
  5. S

    NOS CSL Alloy trunk / Boot lid. Very rare.

    I have a spare, very rare, new lightweight CSL trunk / boot lid for sale. This still has the factory part number stickers and has never been painted (except for the factory green primer). It is in virtually perfect condition and would suit anyone doing a high end restoration or in need of a...