turn signal

  1. NWDBayArea

    Front Turn Signal Electrical Shroud: Looking for replacements

    Hello, Im looking for a place to find some replacement 90 degree electrical shrouds. They are located in the front turn signals and provide some protection from the elements. The included photo shows the original rubber and some dimensions. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. Wladek

    Genuine SIDLER right side turn signal lense EU - SOLD

    Hello, for sale 100% genuine (not any repro) Sidler BMW right side amber turn signal lense, European version. Condition - used, but look very nice, almost perfect. Absolutely no cracks, just little surface scratches. Price - incl. worldwide shipping with registered priority post letter Payment -...
  3. Wladek

    Set of white turn signal lenses EU R & L (NEW) - SOLD

    Hello, have for sale one set of new/never used, very nice aftermarket turn signal white/transparent lenses, European version: 1x Left & 1x Right. Condition - new, 100% perfect, no cracks or scratches. I planned to put them in my car, but decided to go with classic amber lenses. Photo with fitted...
  4. Wladek

    WTB Sidler left turn signal lense European version full amber

    Hi Guys, looking for the genuine BMW Sidler E9 left side turn signal lense (only amber plastic part), European version (as on photo below) - condition: very good, perfect or new; light surface scratches are acceptable, but no cracks. If you have a spare part, that you can sell - please PM me...
  5. mosearch

    WTB: Right Front Turn Signal for e3

    WTB: Right Front Turn Signal Lens for 1972 E3. PN 63131356808. I have found a source for a pair (left & right)...and I'll go that way if no one on this forum has the right-only available. OR if one of you is searching for a Left lens; let me know and we can buy this left/right pair together.
  6. TG-2002-320i-328ci

    Turn Signal Issue

    Hi All. I'm working out some neglected bugs on my coupe during my areas "indoor" season. 73 CSi / Signal Stalk on Right (P/N 1350152 8157) Problem 1: in either the left or right turn position (natural default), the signals do not stay on past one flash. Manual extra pressure will keep the...