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1970 2800 cs for sale in NC


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Green with black vinyl interior. It is my daily driver the last 5 yrs. Is reliable and sturdy. It was restored between 9 and 6 years ago. The paint has dings but the body has no rust issues. Several spots were repaired and the car blasted and repainted. It has been garaged at home and work and not driven in the wet whether since. It has the electronic ign up grade, electric sun roof, overdrive 5 sp. heavy sway bars, new exhaust, 3 core radiator, alot more stuff replaced/upgraded, easy 20K invested. The air is restored up to hoses. The orig light tan leather interior which needs to be restored is included if desired. It is a great car to drive and/or improve apon. I now have three kids to take to school and not enough seats in the car. Email for pics. cwestcot@wfubmc.edu

asking 8K