1970 2800cs for sale FL


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I recently looked at an E9 in Destin FL and decided that I can't afford another project. The guy selling the car was really cool, so I thought I'd list it here to help him sell it. I am not related to the car in any way and will not profit from its sale.

The car is in decent (restorable) condition, blue with black interior. 3.0 motor with twin webber down-drafts. He wanted $7500. Email me and I will give you his number (I don't want to post it here until I get his permission)

The good:
He owned the car for about the last 15 years.
It was restored shortly before he bought it.
He has been proactive with the maintenance.

The bad:
Some rust bubbling up (top of passenger door, and one spot on the rear fender about half way up next to the trim running down the car)
Two quarter sized rust holes underneath the passenger seat.
some surface rust inside the trunk near the spare tire. Spare tire area is free of rust.
driver seat needs repair
drivers armrest needs replacement
dash is rough.

Is this a good deal (i.e., am I crazy to not buy this)?