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1971 3.0 csi bmw restored project car

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Glen Cove, Long Island, NY
I have to say those prices at “World Upholstery & Trim” are way beyond outrages. Especially when every one of these coupes need the rubber trim replaced after almost 40 years. A front "Windshield New" only cost $225-250 and the trim is $204.00 from these guys?

“World Upholstery & Trim”
Front Windshield Seal
Fits Years: 1968 - 1975 Material: Rubber
Price: $ 204.00

And more outrages:

Product #: 280-4868-4
Left Door Seal
Fits Years: 1968 - 1975 Material: Rubber
Price: $ 1152.00

The seal is almost the cost of the door when it was available OEM from BMW.
Looks like someone is inviting competition big time. Plus any good upholstery shop can get a universal BMW trim that can be used and made from material better than rubber.[/QUOTE]

Boy, do I agree 100%. BMW people need some people like Bob Drake Reproductions or Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproductions that the old Ford people have. These guys care about the old Ford cars and aren’t trying to retire on just selling only one part. You would think BMW would be interested in having fair priced restoration parts for the coupes just for the interest and good will nicely restored examples brings for their company. The biggest shame by far in my eyes (a body man’s eyes) is that some company hasn’t made correctly fitting plastic fender skirts for the front of the car yet. People say the coupes weren’t rust-proofed that well by Carmen, I say 90% of the problem is the lack of fender skirts for the front wheels, that is where most rust problems start at and radiate outward from :mad::mad::mad:. ~ John Buchtenkirch