1983 BMW 528e/533I Electrical Troubleshooting Manual

Discussion in 'E9 General Discussion' started by pickman, Feb 11, 2019.

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    When I swapped my 3 liter for the 3.5 liter engine my original intention was to convert to injected. This project was too large in scale so I converted to 3.5 liter with dual down draft Webers.

    As this happened I was sent all the wiring schematics, original microfiche and a BMW Electrical troubleshooting Manual. Including a E28 to E9 cross reference list of which wires to swap.

    If anyone is interested I can reproduce this it may be too large to post on the technical site.
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    Wiring diagrams and the ETM are not hard to come by and the fiche is not electronic at numerous locations.

    I would like the E28/E9 wire swap reference list, is it available online, such as the firstfives.org site?

    Does the list have a library (I think so)?

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