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3.0 CSL Batmobile w/ M1 engine


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A word of caution on anybody looking at either car, please do some serious due diligence of your own.

I was at LeMans Classic in 2016 (my favorite event) when the race car in the above livery raced in our class. At the same time that street car was for sale, yes that one above - who knows which is the right car, so I make no assertions good or bad about either, one has to presume one of these is "the car"

I was contacted about six months later and offered the race car, I refused for the reasons mentioned and then I heard it (race car) sold for serious money to Japan (just heard, I have no proof, so please take with pinch of salt).

But, and here is the big but, there is another race car with the same vin and /2 at the end of the number that surfaced a couple of years ago in Europe.

Please be careful out there people.
the race car was in zandvoort the 100 yrs bmw party it spun in the warm up lap!!!,i did not check the chass plate,but i know the owner has the car for quite a long time,,,