Another new Dutch member



... but not a new E9 owner. I have had four, in fact.
The first I got in 1995, baikal blau/beige 2800CS, sold in 1999.
Second I still have, Chamonix/navy 2800CS with all CSi/Koni underpinnings among others - since 1999.
Parts car 3.0CS with lots of CSi stuff in 2001, veeeery rusty, no registration, but donor of its 5 speed and other CSi goods.
Very rusty 2800CS in 2011, but sold it on as I did not see it come back together in my hands.

Short but that's it, really. I seem to attract 2800's... My chamonix E9 is not in super duper great condition, but it's running great and that's what I have it for, driving - I have other garage queens. It never sees any winters though and technically it is perfect with everything new, should last me quite a while longer. That's it for now!