Atlanta: 1974 3.0 CS Project - $25K


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Newport Beach, CA
I chatted with the seller today. He said that another guy from the forum had come to look at it (for yet someone else on the forum who isn't local). Clearly there is some ambiguity to this car, lack of photos and documentation, etc. Since I am deep into issues on my 74 I thought it could be interesting to investigate this to replace my shell- at least as a long shot.

His story seems to be legit, and the shop that did the work reputable according to him. If it is all true, this could be a great price (as compared to the $45k beautifully finished shell I looked at last week). It does include the interior, glass, trim and such.

But the fact that he didn't think to take any photos during the steelwork is amazing. Telling me (with my luck) some guys in their backyard were out there with fiberglass and rebar like my car :)

Anyway, if the guy here that went and saw the car today is around- and if their interested party is no longer interested- could you reach out to me? I would love to see what you thought of the car.

In the meantime, I will get back to the welder and work on these floors of mine...