Bait and switch (Korman)


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I hate to do this...I looked at many items on the Korman list and asked for a quote. They were very slow in returning e-mails. I was putting together a gauge package as well a a pre-run on exhaust components. Well, Hollywood Speedometer was on the ball (e-mails returned on Sundays no less) and quoted a price for what I was after for about 1/2 the Korman price. Meanwhile, the Korman poeple put together my order and were preparing to ship...sans payment and confirmation from me. Luckily, I was able to cancel as they were putting that order out the door. My main bitch is that on their quote they listed the Stahl headers I was interested in at $650...a good price and I was going to pull the trigger. But wait...wrong price on their computer. The real price is $1495 Hello...quote and then double the price at the time of sale? Bad business.


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i have bought a number of things from Korman over the years and have found them ethical and helpful. i just met Carl, the head parts guy, at oktoberfest yesterday. what i can tell you about a stahl header is that they are anything but inexpensive. a 2002 header was $650 over 20 years ago. so i would have thought that number was too good to be true. check our Stahl's website and contact them for a price ... their price link is under construction.

not to defend their actions, but i had inquired about a price for 5.75" headlights a week ago ... took them a couple of days to get back to me, they were just getting the race cars back from a race and getting ready to send stuff to oktoberfest.