BMW 2002 barn find, 7000 original miles?


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Coeur d'Alene, IDAHO
"Miss that guy" ? He's not dead. Or do you mean you miss his shows?

Master of paraprosdokians. He won an Oscar for a short film that he co-wrote and appeared in.

Watch his first appearance on Johnny Carson. That performance would have been a startling comedic revelation to audiences then.

I'd like to know what he thinks of the Kombi that this thread is supposed to be the topic of.
Yeah I meant I just haven't seen any new material lately, probably with Covid and all that. But I also haven't looked much. I've been busy selling my house (contractors, realtors etc.) and then the move to Northern Idaho. Once I get a minute I'll check on YouTube if there is any new material.

I love those Erik! LOL, couple there I hadn't heard before or forgot about. I like he has a few car references in his jokes. Always good to keep on back burner, especially the speeding one. That probably won't get me in tight with the local fuzz, but worth telling as a joke, not sure they'd see it the same way though! o_O