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BMW Genuine (Original) Rear Sway Bars


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Austin, TX
If anyone is interested in an original 16mm rear sway bar, they are still available via Maximillian Imports. I post this because they said there are only 6 left in Germany and they won't be producing more. Make that 5, I just ordered one with all the pieces (bushings, bolts, spacers, etc.).

I ordered the original just to have, in case I ever want the car to be very original and E3s magically become widely appreciated and skyrocket in value. Okay, maybe not. But, for a few hundred bucks, just wanted to have one before they are gone.

I also ordered a set of the thicker ST sway bars, which I'll actually install. Got a deal on them via Amazon. I think they were mis-priced and they are back up to normal (I was about to alert everyone on that, too).

Maybe I install the OE one first and then do a before and after comparison to the STs. @zinz - Can you drive behind me and video? :)

Incidentally, I saw a 18mm and 20mm sway bar listed. One was listed as "Tropical" on one page, which I thought was funny. People drive more aggressively as you get closer to the equator? Or, maybe there was an option package in certain countries - more robust cooling, thicker sway bars? Rally package?!?