Brake fluid line / pipe length issue from W&N set


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Hi there,

I bought a set of new brake pipe from W&N about two years ago and have already successfully installed the rear lines. Yesterday I've been shaping the front left lines. (My car is a EU 1973 3.0 CS)

I now come across the dilemma that one line seems to be about 9 cm ( 3,5 inches) short.

As I have installed the short rear lines and the long line already, it is not too difficult to identify which 2 should be used for the left front lines.

I measured the 2 original front left lines by sticking a piece of tape over them, and selected the , what I thought was the appropriate straight length from Walloth and Neesch set to shape the first of the two left front wheel lines. After that I started on the second, only discovering after the last 3 bends that it is about 9 cm short.

I've tried to follow the bends accurately, and what i made looks quite comparable. I've used the white clips from the W&N set to keep them nicely parallel to make some pics.

First pic shows them side by side, with a tape on the original pipe, with a line tracing the pipe.
Second pic shows the original lines, with the tape now stuck to the new line (with the shiny nut), being about 9 cm too short.
3rd pic shows the length that the original line has at 72,5 cm.

The W&N part that looks to be too short thus must have been around 72,5 -9 = 63,5 cm (before I started bending it).

My question:
Did anyone notice this (having one line of the W&N set being short) as well? Or did I still mess up on the length measurement or the bending accuracy somewhere?


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