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Chrome Plastic Bumper Blanks - Oh My!


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Tupelo,MS - NEMiss
Stan is the master of the unobtanium, when you are losing sleep over the last bit, like a NLA part, he is "the man". My coupe looked like it had a hole in the bumper and one side had a blank and searching everwhere but to no avail and a couple of months ago Stan asked if we had a NLA part request and several of us responded with the missing blanks. In Europe they are filled with a license plate light and I thought that was my only recourse until Stan went to work. He found the maker and the chrome shop for an outstanding result. They look better than the one that wansn't missing! The process wast time consuming for Stan but he stuck with it and the result is a beautiful blank that "completes me". Stan than you for your attention to detail and quality. Fully satisfied, thank you! Rum 1973.