CSI project on BAT

Drew Gregg

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Ft. Lauderdale
Here's where you "Bring a Trailer"--no reserve auction for a blue interior CSi. I predict that Markos will set the record for # of comments on a BAT auction.



CSL Lust
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Seattle, WA
i agree with you Steve ... not going to be pretty
I tried to buy my parts car twice. I lost it the first
time due to someone with aspirations of restoring it. Later, I bought it from that guy for the price he paid.

I hope the BaT car goes to someone with a reference car, a budget, and time to execute or oversee the project. It is a cool car!

Okay I emailed the seller (that I insulted :)). I don't have a sunroof, and don't have/want AC. I don't really need the tails, the grill, the headlights, or the body. I could use some chrome. I don't need things like the shifter bezel or any tunk lining.

I asked for detailed pics. My guess is that the car disappears this weekend. Bought by someone with a lot of dreams and little knowledge of the structural issues. Gosh I sound like the folks that warned me not to buy my current e9!

Lastly, I call dibs on the free slap in the face!