CSI resto


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i bought a csl shell earlier in the year and that body resto is ongoing. As it was a bare shell i thought it best to buy a donor.

I looked around and on the advice of someone i bought a CSI from the UK.

The car arrived through customs about 6 weeks ago, no issues with the new asbestos rules. In the time that it took the car to arrive I had decided that i shouldnt strip this car and now its at my mates place undergoing a resto. Its a 73 sunroof car, pretty much original with the usual bad floor repairs over time.

doent look like its been on the road for some time. it looks like the area up under the front guards is ok

new floors, sills, bottom a post sections have been ordered and floors are starting to go in. fortunately my mate has had some practice on the other one so he knows what needs to be altered with the WN floors

so from having no e9's in january i now have 2 with an e3 as a parts car. Now looking for all the parts as well for the csl. A good bloke in the US has a fair amount of parts he is holding for me which i appreciate.