DIY - Air Conditioning Updating with Sanden Compressor and Parallel Flow Condenser

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Air Conditioning Compressor and Bracket Selection

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@Stevehose did a great write up in 2011 as follows and some info was used:

Book by Rob Siegal "Just Needs a Recharge: The Hack Mechanic Guide to Vintage Air Conditioning."

Sanden Compressor and Mounting Bracket

The wing cell bracket (dimensions shown below) is part # 64-52-1-284-953 might be found on eBay or try Al Taylor - @rsporsche

Might have to grind some of the wing cell bracket to allow it to lay flat against the block as it might interfere with the rib on the block. @Dan Wood
Others have had to shim the compressor bracket to the wing cell bracket. @Luis A.

L.C. Wylie & Co. Sanden Compressor Bracket


1974 only - 74 is the only year with this unique bracket and compressor, part # 64 52 1 272 240. The original compressor has a mounting ear on the very top and vert bottom. @HB Chris


-switch from old York boat anchor to "Sanden style" 709 compressor and York mounting bracket from Johnjoysyl eBay seller ($190 for both and must be at least a 15lb weight savings): @Stevehose (Steve has later recommended the L.C. Wylie & Co bracket per above)


508 or 709 works just fine. There's a lot of variations of both, different fittings and different sized pulleys etc. This is the one I like. A 709 with a 125mm pulley. Larger pulleys work (132mm I think), but can make installing the bolts more difficult. The 508 has 5 pistons and the 709 has 7. There's very little functional difference, I've used both with great results. But in theory the 709 is the "better" one, so I usually go with it if the price is about the same. @Layne

We buy from authorized Sanden dealer. I don't buy knockoffs because I have to replace them for free when they fall apart.
VINTAGE AIR DOCK 04808-VUA COMPRESSOR A/C SD-508 134. You want bling- buy the chrome model Bling-Bling @sfdon

Following are examples of where to buy the compressors: @Layne @Stevehose



@Rex Kapriellian

Compressor Belt


For AC I used Gates XL9345 (12.5/13mm x 885mm). I have an unknown (not stock- looks kind of like yours) compressor mounted on one of Layne's brackets. @TedS

Optional Belt Numbers same as XL9345 @Dan Wood

Non original pulley options will require different belt lengths.
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