E3 / E9 hose kit sale. January 2019

Discussion in 'E3 General Discussion' started by Paul Wegweiser, Jan 21, 2019.

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    All Genuine BMW. All brand new. Comes with OEM Norma clamps, because let's face it, those Gates brand auto parts store clamps are just plain ugly and evil. They're not doing your hoses any good either!

    Complete coolant hose kit. Genuine BMW hoses with clamps: $239.00 plus shipping

    Please specify: YEAR and PLASTIC vs METAL coolant reservoir, as the hose kits are different for each.

    These kits fit all 2800 / 3.0CS carbureted cars. Please e mail for prices on CSi and other M30 variants.

    Delivery requires 3-4 business days.


    Paul Wegweiser (from the glacial wilds of Western Pennsylvania where it's currently 3 degrees F.)
    Lead Classic Specialist
    Maximillian Importing Company

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