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I wonder if it makes sense to create a private “constructive coupe critique” subforum for the members of this group?

This would allow a member to proactively post their car up for selected/vetted forum members to critique or recommend historically accurate alterations WITHOUT the negative aspects of public scrutiny during the actual sale. Obviously some of these incorrect details aren’t always easily addressable, however, I frequently see little details (that could have been easily and inexpensively rectified) completely derail a sale or discussion thread, to the detriment of the final hammer price - especially on BAT.

If a potential seller had the benefit of this expertise before going fully “public” with their sale, I think everyone would benefit. This isn’t meant to hide the history of the car, more to help keep the sales threads clean and focused on the positive aspects of the car for sale.

Let’s use our collective expertise for the benefit of our community - not for “internet sleuth points” that ultimately serve to devalue all coupes and most likely hurt the feelings of the person who has taken the difficult decision to part ways with their beloved car.
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Hi everyone. I just reread my comments from this morning, maybe I hadn't had enough coffee yet and came off a little more grumpy than normal.:) There are things on the DC car listed here that I would change but I was surprised at how good the brown interior looked.

My comments really were around how we react when a car is listed here or someone posts a car listed on CL, BAT, or others. Unless it's a phenomenal example, the comments seem to go negative pretty quickly with members jumping on every little thing they find wrong with the car. I think about the person selling the car, even if they aren't an active member here they are probably aware of this forum and there is good possibility they could read our comments. Unless it's a flipper, the seller probably always wanted a coupe and loves theirs (even with it's flaws), which we can all probably relate to. The difference is that they are in a situation where they have to sell their baby.

I just would like to see us keep it a little more positive and respectful. I just had my 54th birthday, maybe I'm getting soft in my old age.


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The Oreo cookie method:
You have an awesome car!
Blah blah blah worn roundel, wrong wheels....the usual litany
Bt overall a great example or candidate for restoration GLWS

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First of all Vince, 54 is NOT old, I told this to a stripper the other evening and I finally got her to agree! (you know how hard it is to get a mellinial to change their mind)!
This forum is awesome and it's fun to learn and contribute. You're probably correct to call out the negativity a little and we'll all likely adjust our attitudes until we have to be reminded again :)