Engine transplant possibilities?


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I have an E9 coupe that I was thinking about pulling the engine and fitting another. I would like to fit a Euro M3 3.2 with the 5 speed manual box.
This will be the whole lot, engine, vanos, ecu and wiring loom. Now I am not interested in originality with this car as it kind of already doesnt have any! What I want to know is that the E36 M3 as a donor is kind of reasonable in the UK but what problems would I be up against (apart from the engine bay and tunnel modifications)????


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Frankenbav was a major job

It was done by a pro. I don't think most of us would be up to it.

There are questions about how long the e9 chassis will last with that kind of torque. I read that the stock chassis isn't particularly stiff... you'll certainly twist and tweak it with 320+ horsepower. Factory racing e9 chassis were pulled from the normal production line and fully seam welded to enhance rigidity, then provided with a full cage. I don't want to hear that you'll do this... it won't be the same. No one will outspend the factory, nor does anyone have the engineering resources they had or have.