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Factory Relay Wire Colors and location


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I’ve snapped pics of the fuse box wiring, so I thought this may be helpful. No comment on application, but all wires are factory. The experts can add color commentary.

From and e3 with a fasten seatbelts light, euro bumpers (non-73), early steering wheel, 9/73+ e3 accelerator, early chin vents.


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Markos -- What are you seeking in the way of color commentary? Here are some random thoughts:

Power to these relays is daisy chained from socket one, to the middle relay and then to the end relay. Given the size of the wiring used, this would appear to be unswitched power.

The empty socket is incomplete; it would need another wire at the 86 terminal in order to function. Because the purple white wire from the socket one runs to the middle relay, the first relay, if it were installed, would seems to provide an alternative method of initiating whatever runs off the middle relay. Other methods would be provided by the other two purple white wires to this relay.

The third relay is independent of the other two (other than the fact that its power is daisy chained). Given the color of the wires, this relay seems to relate to lighting.
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