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Front Wheel Wells


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Front Wheel Wells
Probably the most common area on a coupe to have rust is in the front wheel well and firewall area. There's an inherent design flaw in the area behind the front wheels and in front of the firewall that allows water and moisture to collect. All of the seams that connect the sheet metal panels in this area are like wicks to the moisture, spreading throughout the entire area from the inside. Usually the first sign of a problem is small bubbles in the paint on the outside lower portion of the fender (shown below). This is rust forming from the inside, so by the time bubbles show up on the outside there is a lot of damage that has already occurred. Use a flashlight and inspect up toward the rear of the fender area for signs of rust in the seams. The boxed section is visible with a triangular shaped opening in the side. Follow the seams down where the fender and door meet, and also inspect from inside the car in the fuse box and glove box areas.

Additional wheel well and bulkhead photos here: https://e9coupe.com/forum/media/categories/firewall-bulkhead.16/





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