FS.2000 Sedan and 2500,3.0S,3.0Si Parts


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I recently purchased these three parts from SFDON for $40 plus shipping wich together came to around $96. He was donating the $40 the Forum.
I have no need for any of th he three pieces and anyone who can use them can make an offer which will go as a donation to the Van that I along with my friend, who is an Armenian Priest, and are shipping it to an orphanage in Armenia where it is badly needed. So anyone who would like to help please make an offer on any of the three parts. Shipping will be added to your offer.
I have a fuse box cover,an under steering column cover and a glove box which are interchangeable on the following. A 2500 Sedan, 3.0S and a 3.0Si .
I also have a near perfect 2000 sedan right rear tail light assembly with a real nice gasket that I will sell for $200 plus shipping. The money received will also be a donation for the Van purchase. Any member who would like to help by listing a spare part and donating the money to either the Forum or the purchase of the Van is quite welcome. Time to clean out the garage,ghetto dust on the parts will be accepted.