FS: '71 BMW 3.0 CSL (1st series lightweight) ****SOLD*******


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A little History: The CSL was a lightweight version of BMW's flagship six-cylinder coupe, built to homologate the car for the European Touring Car Group 2 Racing.The first CSL's announced in May 1971, were stripped-for-action 135mph (217kph) road racers with thinner body panels, no front bumper, fiberglass rear bumper, racing latches on the hood, manual winding windows, side & rear fixed plexiglas windows, and of course the alloy skinned opening panels, all in the name of weight reduction. BMW even skimped on underbody rust protection and sound deadening, along with some drastically cheaper interior trim. 169 built. (The Encyclopedia of Classic Cars)

SER #2211538 (38th CSL produced, 1 of 169 First
Series) was built in collaboration with Alpina, as Alpina was chosen
to run BMW's works racing team during the early 70's with the 2800's
and 1600/2002's. The 1st Series cars are by many regarded as the purest lightweight of all
the series, weighing 450lbs +/-, less than production based E9's, and
270lbs +/-, less than any of the other CSL series (city package), including the BATS.
-2211538 was manufactured 11/24/1971 and delivered to
Andorre-La-Vielle, Andorra, to a Dutch Diplomat (Steve Van der Lan)
living in Spain.....In the late 80's the car was brought back to the
Netherlands by George Ditvoorst (Car Trader and CSL aficionado) , who
in turn sold the car a few years later to a Dutch Entrepreneur.
2211538 traded hands two more times, evidently, before I imported the
car in April 2003. Shortly thereafter, I started a photo documented engine and undercarriage restoration etc..... (Casey Motorsports- Petaluma, Calif)

This is a no stories dry 'ORIGINAL' Lightweight survivor, of which maybe 50 are left in the world......!!!!! Take into consideration, that most of the Factory and Privateer race teams all used 1st series cars, that have been destroyed etc.......

As a bonus, 2211538 is signed by CSL racing legends "Hans Stuck" & "Brian Redman"

CAR HAS BEEN SOLD...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It is as pretty in the flesh as in pictures , I have seen it at least 5 times it should bring in big bucks , it deserves it. gotta love the Inka