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List of all the fog, driving lights I have available. I can send pictures and price.

Cibie 45 yellow driving lights
Cibie 45 clear driving lights
Cibie 45 yellow fog lights + covers
Cibie 40 yellow fog lights + covers
Cibie 40 red rear fog light
Cibie 35 yellow fog lights NOS + set used
Cibie OSCAR + covers
Cibie SUPER OSCAR clear driving lights
Cibie “Hood Lights” repro for 911 Porsche
Marchal 710 yellow fog lights (as good as new)
Marchal 670-680-690 yellow fog lights, clear lens
Marchal 889 yellow driving lights NOS
Marchal 662/762 clear driving lights, yellow bulb
Marchal 810 yellow fog lights
Marchal 672-682-692 yellow driving lights
Marchal 810 clear fog lights
Marchal 880 yellow fog lights
Marchal “Hood Lights” for 911 Porsche
Bosch yellow driving lights
Bosch red rear fog light
Hassia clear driving lights NOS
Hella 115 clear fog lights
Hella 128 clear fog lights, new reproduction
Hella 140 yellow fog lights in Original box NOS
Hella 140 yellow fog lights + covers
Hella 142 clear fog lights
Hella 142 yellow driving lights
Hella 144 yellow fog lights
Hella 144 clear fog lights in Original box NOS
Hella 160 clear fog lights
Hella 160 clear driving lights + covers
Hella 160 yellow fog lights
Hella red rear fog light NOS and used
ZED 1000 yellow fog lights NOS
ZKW yellow fog lights
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