Fuel Gauge Sensor Telling Tales


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Silver Spring, MD
A few months ago I jumped in my blue 73 heading for a day trip to Summit Point track for a BMW event. My gas gauge was on full so off I went. About 5 miles into the trip my car coughed then I pulled off the highway as the engine cut off like it was out of gas. I figured it was a bad fuel pump and got a ride back home to retrieve my spare. I got back to the car and put it on ,takes about 10 min, car still would not start, my son asked that obvious question, is their gas in the car? So to make him feel better I got my flash light and looked, no gas! After putting gas in the car and getting it back home I pulled the gauge out from the fuel tank and it came out in two pieces the outside cylinder was not attached to the sensor, it was keeping the float from going up and down. In fact the sensor was stuck in the up position. The bottom nut was missing. I had recently ordered a spare sending unit from Ebay it was a rusty piece of junk, but it had a good bottom nut and voila screw on problem solved.