Fun with wires


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New Jersey
Linda decided she'd take the kids down to her parents beach house for the week, so I was able to spend some undistracted time in the garage last night. I got my alternator situation solved! :D (See post entitled "Of Alternators and Fan Clutches") It seems the PO installed an internal voltage regulator in the old alternator, while leaving the old external regulator bolted to the fender well. Installing the 'black box' from the old alt confirmed this: No more "L" light!
While revelling in my glory by chugging a gallon of Gatorade in the 100 degree heat, I decided to tackle the headlight weirdness. (See post entitled "Update: Rear lights all working, Now funny stuff") Using the wiring diagram in the back of the owners manual, along with my multimeter, I isolated the front signal, low, and high beam leads. I found the lead for the front parking lights were wired to the connector for the low beam lights, causing the high beam filament of the H4 to illuminate when the switch was pulled out to the first detent. I also noticed the front turn signals were not a parking/turn signal setup, as only two wires ran to them. About the same time I remembered I had bought a set of aftermarket euro parking lights (I thing they were 4 watt) that piggyback onto the H4's and sit inside the headlight. I dug them up, and after a bit of snipping, soldering, and crimping I had myself a coupe with funtional euro-wired lights! Now the lights all work the way a euro car's lights work: First detent, the rear parking lights and front euro 4 watts. Second detent: Low beams on. Even the euro parking feature now works properly. (Where, while parked and the turn signal lever is pulled up or down, the corresponding parking lights on that side will illuminate.)
While I had the grills off, I even swapped in the Hella air horns I had sitting around.
Lets see, I got about 4 months worth of work done on the car in one night. Amazing what one can accomplish when 2 1/2 year old boys aren't crawling all over you! :lol: