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GR8 Selection of E9 3.0CSis/CSc For Sale Now In California!


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Redwood City, CA.
Greetings E9 CS fellows! I have the best selection of E9 CS coupes ever right now! All are available immediately here in Redwood City, California!

The first car is a very lovely 1973 3.0CSa. Finished in gleaming red over newer tan interior, this gem features factory sunroof, automatic transmission and upgraded 16" BBS wheels. $13,973. :wink:

The second CS is a quite exceptional 1973 injected CSi finished in an almost silver [slight blue tint but NOT fjord] over a smashing cognac leather interior. 4 Speed transmission, 16" Alpina wheels and many thousands of dollars in recent servicing. Offered at $23,973. 8)

The third coupe is an also exceptional 1972 3.0CSi finished in very desireable baikal blue over light gray cloth. This genuine European example has 4 speed, old classic stereo and a superb looker, runner and driver. PHOTOS SOON AS THIS ONE JUST ARRIVED! $21,972 :p

The 4th CS is a SUPER RARE 1973 3.0CS 5 speed in factory original "GOLF" yellow! [And when is the last time, if ever, you have seen a CS in yellow?] This exceptional car was just acquired from the southern California owner of 21 years! This is a blue license plate car with 83k miles, 5 speed, triple webers and my favorite [I may keep this one if appreciating new owners snatch up all the others]. Only 25,973. :D

The 5th CS is a silver on navy 1972 3.0CSi. This Euro injected car has a pristine interior, great running engine and a true factory injected example. A few spots of rust so priced at only $14,972. :wink:

And also I have a 1967 2000CS parts car. White on navy. No engine or trans. Great valuable rust-free body parts. No title. [a guy in L.A. won it on ebay almost a year ago and never picked it up. If you are him please contact me]. $967 :( :shock:

PLEASE SEE MY WEBSITE for preliminary photos. Better yet email with serious interest on one or more of these gorgeous CS coupes. I look forward to speaking with you soon-to-be CS owners. Evan 650-574-0561 www.Bimmerbrothers.NET