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Hello everyone!

Alex BMW 3.0 CSI

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Hello to everyone,
I am Alex, 41 years old and I am new in the forum - I was most probably gripped by a midlife crisis that I started looking for oldtimers :)
I am interested to buy a E9, and then restore it in the next months-years. What do you think because as I say I am new and have no idea how much the cars and restauration costs are.
I have see that those cars are very value, and maybe this can also be a investment for me in the future.
I found an interesting car for me, which is in bad shape (please see pictures).
What do you think is it around 14000€ a good price for such car (2800CS or for 3.0CSI), and I ask for a very rough estimate of the renovation?
Best regards, Alex

P.S. : sorry for my bad English :)



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Atlanta, GA
First, welcome to the forum Alex. With that much rust on the inner fender, its going to be an expensive rust remediation. the A pillar (between the front wheel and the door) has rust bubbles ... which is problematic. if you are paying to get this work done (not doing it yourself) you could easily spend 25,000+ euro on rust and metal. then more for paint ... then there is everything else. you would be much better off buying a car with a LOT less rust. i can assure you its worse than what you see.


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I have just been through a body resto on a csi, still have to get it painted. Mine didnt look as bad as that but I would never have started it if I knew how much I would be spending. Spend another 10 - 20k on a solid car as a starting point. All parts are avalable from Wallothnesch in Germany. That car is really only useable for parts unless you can do the bodywork yourself