Heroes of Bavaria Closing Weekend

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    Amazing weekend at the BMW CCA Foundation in Greer South Carolina.

    Friday evening Erik Wensberg did a 'pit talk' about every car in the Heroes of Bavaria Exhibit.

    Then had lunch Saturday with David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Scott & Fran Hughes, Ray Korman, Jack Deren, Dirk & Alexanda de Groen, Eric Zagrocki, Larry Koch, Don Dethlefson, Frank Patek, Michael Mitchell & Scott Dishman. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture though I wanted to.

    Saturday evening was a formal dinner with an hour of stories from Brian Redman, David Hobbs and Erik Wensberg. Favorite Redman story "Jochen Neerpasch, came to me and said Hans (Stuck) will break the Porsches, Brian take care and we win zee race, and that's precisely what happened."

    Then there was an autograph session for close to an hour, I opted for a photo op with the two legendary men.

    IMG_5144 copy.jpg IMG_5145 copy.jpg IMG_5152 copy.jpg IMG_5160 copy.jpg
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