Ireland Engineering Open House 10/14 - SoCal Vintage Registration increases tomorrow

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    We hope you are having a safe holiday weekend, and to our friends in Texas and all areas ravaged by Harvey we send our thoughts and prayers and best hopes you get through this difficult and tragic time.

    We have a date for the Ireland Engineering Open House, it will be Saturday, Oct 14, at 11AM. It will be especially interesting for the 2002 owners, as Jeff Ireland has obtained a large load of valuable and hard to find 2002 parts. He's putting together a list and will... have them available 'menu style' soon. We are also determining if we're going to do a drive on the Angeles Crest, as it has gotten a bit risky there on weekends. We will keep you updated

    As you know from past years, we always raise the registration for the SoCal Vintage BMW Meet to $25 after Labor Day, to encourage early registration. Please register by the end of tomorrow to avoid the price increase! We want to have a huge turnout for our 10th Anniversary Meet and we have great things planned - along with the great cars, people, sponsors and food that we have every year! Go now and register before the price goes up:

    Have a safe rest of the holiday weekend

    John & Jeff
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