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Jay Stratton - JCS/master6, 17 of my current websites, Repair Service for PSP's & Hydro steering


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Santa Ana, CA USA
Fellow Forum Members,

See #5, E3 & E9, Power Steering Pump, Cast Iron, Leak Repair/Rebuild Service
See #16, E3 & E9, Power Steering Hydro Gear Box, Cast Iron, Leak Repair/Rebuild Service

If you are having trouble reaching me, I have had to add an additional e-mail, as some people had trouble.
regular - jay_c_stratton@hotmail.com
newer - jaycstratton9@gmail.com

Here are my 17 Websites, LEAK REPAIR/REBUILD SERVICE

My communication with you depends on you, being able to read the captions that I have written for each photo.
Please read and follow the instructions to be able to view these captions, when you get to each website.
Please read the instructions on page (photo)# 2,3,4 to view the info panel (CAPTIONS). To see pricing & ordering instructions.
If you cannot read the captions contact me jay_c_stratton@hotmail.com or click on the Google information Icon.(circle with an i)

Also Please READ ALL of the pages captions pertaining to what part you need service on.
Shipping is a big one if you do not read the shipping instructions, the post office gets real upset when the packages leak a Hazardous Material!

1. BMW + Audi's, ATe Hydraulic Brake Booster Servo DIY repair kit and Rebuild Service. e23,e24,e28,e32, e36, also some Audi's, 8-23-11

2. BMW SLS (self leveling suspension) pump DIY repair kit and Rebuild Service. e23,e24,e28, 7-24-12

3. BMW + Audi's, ZF PSP (power steering pump) Rebuild Service. e23,e24,e28,e32,
and also, Audi's - 100, A4, S4, A6, S6, RS6, A8, S8, CAB, V8, Allroad, 6-1-13

4. BMW ZF PSP Tandem Vane (dual vane) Rebuild Service. e31,e32, 10-17-16

5. BMW + Audi's, ZF PSP Rebuild Service. early Cast Iron, and Aluminum, E3,E9,E12.
and also Audi's, 8-15-15

6. AUDI ATe Hydraulic Brake Servo Booster, Cast Iron early '80's Rebuild Service, 2-15-16

7. AUDI ATe Hydraulic Brake Servo Booster, Aluminum newer style Rebuild Service, 9-19-16

8. My BMW m6 site

9. LUK LF-30, LF-20, DIY Leak Repair Kit's, 11-6-16

10. BMW ATe Early e23 Cast Iron Booster Servo Rebuild Service, 4-22-14

11. BMW New Horsehair Brushes for your Emergency Brake Handle E24, E28,
Leather covered console or Plastic console, Installed into your Console, 6-25-17

12. BMW Behr/Bosch, Wingcell, A/C Compressor, + Bosch Axial, Denso, REBUILD SERVICE, E12, E23, E24, E28, E30, E32, E34, 9-14-17

13. BMW LUK PSP, Tandem Vane, Rebuild Service, LFR-440; 5-Series, e60, e61; 6-Series, e63, e64; 7-Series, e65, e66, 12-1-17

14. BMW LUK PSP, Tandem Vane, Rebuild Service, LFR-68; 7-Series, e38 with SLS, 12-19-17

15. BMW ZF, Power Steering Hydro Gear Box, Leak Repair Service, E24, E28, plus others
https://photos.app.goo.gl/EWIQhOQGMn4WlCpw1 (Change in Policy - Lash Setting) page 1, 3-20-18

16. BMW ZF, Power Steering Hydro Gear Box, Leak Repair Service, E3 & E9, 12-10-18

17. BMW E31, 850/840, Door Handle Repair. I install my Fabricated S.S. parts into your door handles, send me both of your door handles, 8-23-19

Here is a Vital link to BMW e24 Malloc site, http://www.malloc.nl/BMW/635CSi/pages/en/
And here is another BMW repair site, LINK : https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/Index_cd3.htm

This is not your normal Website, but to keep my prices low, It involves you to participate on your part, and to actually (read the information)
If you do not read, then I cannot help you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you CALL me you must leave a message!
I receive so many hang up calls that I do not answer the phone, unless you leave a message.
I will also block your number, If you do not leave a message!

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Atlanta, GA
Jay as my new engine will be going in soon, we will check the PS pump, etc. really cool to know about you and hear about your high quality work