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JMinNJ Is Great!!!


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Elkhart, IN
Just and excellent transaction!
Fast and excellent shipping and packing
Exactly what he described.
Thanks a lot!


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Bucks County, PA
I posted a WTB notice on this board even though I was looking for a special 2002. I wanted an '02 with automatic(my wife can no longer drive stick) and air conditioning(summers are too hot and sticky to drive a car regularly without ac - won't make it to the next ice age).

Within hours John(JMinNJ) responded with his white, 76, 2002. I had looked at hundreds of cars online and a handfull, mostly four speeds and the rare automatic, were as original, low milage, well-cared for and loved as much as John's. It had ac and an automatic. All our communications were a pleasure. Photos when I asked, history, information, all forth coming immediately.

Drove the 90 miles to John's in North Jersey three weeks ago tomorrow(1/17/20) with a buddy who knows 2002s inside and under. Took it for a test drive. Bought it. Drove it home on the interstate at 70 + mph. A joy.

My long time and long suffeing mechanic, two buddies who drive tii's and the guy who went with me all pronounced the car to be exactly what John said.

You can see my post and John's photos in some category here on e9.

Steve O'Neill