Location, location, location!

Dave B

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Carnoustie, Scotland

A recent post from Malc ( he is coming over the pond to the US of A and looking for something to do / extra cars to fix!!?? ) reminded me to post a message to ask those who have not put in their location to do so. Many of the location columns are simply left blank.

We are almost at the 400 members mark and it would be interesting to see where we all come from, ie how many countries etc. We could see what gaps there are - is there a member or CS in every US state? What countries are missing?

My request - would you all please have a look at your profile and update it to include location information? City, State, and Country, or even just Country would be good to know.

Advice to the paranoid - my request is not sinister - I am not trying to track anyone down. I am simply bored and still recovering from a bike crash - broken arm etc. I cant do much about the home, the car, and the surgeon wont let me go back to work yet!

I would be able to kill some time collating the results, and would obviously share them for everybody's information.