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Londonish E9 Meetup

Michael Kaye

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London, United Kingdom
For anyone in and around the London area, I have arranged an E9 meet-up this Sunday.

All welcome. Details below:

Date: Sunday 2nd August
Location : RAF Museum Hendon
Arrival : 10 - to 10.30
Lunch : BYO (not sure the museum is open for food).
Musuem Ticket Slot : 13.00

The museum would like us to prepay for parking (although you can pay on the day.

You can pre-pay and get your museum slot ticket (free) via this link:

NB You don’t have to do the museum at all. It’s optional. Just thought it might be nice!

Covid Update.

It goes without saying that we need to be aware and considerate of the ongoing Covid situation. So:

• If you have a temperature and/or any Covid symptoms please do not travel.
• If you’re coming from a region with local lockdowns, please do not travel.
• Bring a face mask if you plan to visit the museum and/or if you want to get in a car with anyone outside your house hold (obviously after asking permission and do not be offended if told no).
• Bring antibacterial gel and wash you hands before touching anyone else’s car.

Remember this is an informal event so I’m only offering advice from my point of view (I’m at higher risk so tend to be more careful), but I cannot enforce the above. Either way please be respectful of people and their views.

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. It’s going to be a great day.