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Electric scooters are new vehicles to many riders, meaning they often don’t understand how to safely operate the scooters. Small potholes that are barely noticeable to cars can swallow a scooter’s wheel. These are some of the most common accidents and scooter companies need to find a better way to educate riders about these dangers. The method of “here’s a scooter, go have fun” simply isn’t responsible. At the same time, it is important that riders actually listen to these safety warnings. Scooter instructions and warnings buried somewhere in the company’s smartphone app aren’t really going to help riders.

The other issue is scooting under the influence. That’s just plain irresponsible. Police are starting to issue DUIs in many cities for intoxicated or impaired scooter riders, and that makes total sense. Even though drunk scooter riders are more of a danger to themselves than others, there’s still no excuse for operating any motor vehicle while impaired. People can and have been killed in scooter accidents, and this issue needs to be taken seriously.