Nice 73 Bavaria FS in BC


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I spoke to the seller this AM. He says the engine has not been rebuilt and in his recollection when he did compression testing when he got the car a few years ago, it was 120+- across all cylinders. THis sounds low to me.

He also said that it does not smoke even on startup.

One issue is that the car overheats in slow/traffic driving conditions. He attributes this to the fan clutch failure, but I think the issue must be elsewhere. What are the common causes for this car?

What would a rebuild on an engine like this run? (Range?)



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That's my car.

Just to be very clear - it does NOT overheat in traffic; nor has the car EVER over-heated during my ownership. I wish you wouldn't say this as it's simply not true, nor have you even seen the car.

I did say the fan clutch has given up the ghost, and the fan blade is now fixed in place and spins with engine speed. Thus, I wouldn't want to be sitting in an hour long LA style traffic jam, but what 40+ year old car would...

This car DOES NOT need an engine rebuild - it's in amazing condition for its age. I just did a 4-hour round trip up the Sea to Sky Highway (for those who know the area) this morning with about 70 other vintage cars without skipping a step. I also wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the continent tonight as-is.

Only 1 person has actually come to look at the car in person over 3 months (!!!); after a test drive the sole interested party instantly agreed to take it and sent me a $500 deposit. He then vanished despite repeated attempts at contacting him, so its still deposit!

Anyway - its still for sale, but its not a big push. We have a 3-month old so we are not using it often (hence the sale) but we had the baby in today without a hitch and the Mrs had fun, so it maybe be staying here longer. Either way she goes into storage tonight for winter.

Sorry for the ramble, but its just really annoying logging in to the forum to read someone mis-represent the car; please actually test drive the car first before saying it overheats and suggesting it could be in need of an engine rebuild!!!!