Pinehurst Concours

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    Just returned from the Pinehurst, North Carolina Concours. First time for me. Around 125 cars in the judged event and the usual car club showcase with another 100 or so. Interesting feature was a live concert by a country singer right on the fairway following the award announcements. Saturday morning was cold and rainy but things cleared up by lunch.

    There was a pretty slim representation by our favorite marque. In the photos below, see the lovely 1957 BMW 503 owned by Lynn and Michael Harling of Dallas, TX. It won an award. Next is the amazing 1958 507, owned by Time to Drive out of Durham, NC. It also won an award. Third is yours truly, next to some old car with funny doors. The funny doors won an award and deserved it. Our class also had a very nice Imola red E30 M3 owned by Ken Schuster from Savannah.

    That was about it for BMWs. A just-restored Taiga green 1974 tii was supposed to make its debut but reportedly was in a wreck the day before. To paraphrase the tweeter-in-chief: Sad.

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    Damn, that 507 looks sooo good in that darker color. Seems like most of them are in white or silver. But this make the reflections more active and greatly enhances the lines of the car.

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